Summer Night Vintage Tub Session – Kyren

When I had my first son in 2009 I never left without my camera. I have too many folders of photos of him to count. With each child the amount of photos started to decrease.

Days seem to fly by and going out for a photo shoot adventure is less appealing with three small boys in tow. My boys scrapbooks are behind, and Kyren’s in particular I bought but have not started (he is 15 months old). I spend so much time capturing beautiful memories for all my clients and when I look at the last images I took of my own children I am sad, because they have already changed so much. I decided I need to make the time to do the things I love for myself and my family. So tonight, at 7:30 pm I took all the boys and my wagon out for a little tub shoot of Ky. He absolutely loved it and my heart is happy looking through the images I got.

Don’t spend more time making a living then living your life. Time you can never get back.


Sweet baby portrait in a mini bathtub for a spring photography session in the bay area by nicole moniquefunny face portrait session with a naked baby for a spring portrait session in the bay area by nicole monique photographynicolemonique-baby-photographer-min2-bath1tu4


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