So who’s behind the camera….

Nicole, Nicc, Mom, all of the above! I am a wife, mother, plant lover, photographer and so many things in between. Feeling comfortable with your photographer is huge in my opinion. When I capture families I am trying to get real emotion from them, real laughs and connections and it is not so easy to be yourself when there is a camera pointed at you by a complete stranger, am I right?! This is also why I love referrals, because I truly feel when you work with someone that a family member or friend has recommended it eases some of the unknown a bit. They can let you know that I am loud and funny, and even that I have big crazy hair! So no surprises when you meet me 😉

I am a mom to four beautiful children. Three boys a gave birth too and one daughter that I was blessed with from my marriage. I have been taking photos all my life, literally, since I could grab my grandma’s polaroid, to rolling and developing my own film and now into the digital world! (I still shoot with my 35mm Film Canon too)! I specialize in newborns but really just love anything natural, raw and that gives you all the feels.

Personally, I am obsessed with plants. I do not have a green thumb per say, more like a slightly olive thumb; some thrive and some sadly take their last breath in my hands. But that is part of the journey right, learning how to take care of each one until you have mastered it. That is kind of how my photography journey has been. Each year that passes I get better and I strive to be more creative, to master the art of making you feel some type of way when you see your photos. It’s really that simple.

If my work makes you feel something when you see it, I am definitely the right photographer for you. If you love a sweet brand new baby in all things neutral, you got it, I am also the one! If you are not sure, reach out to me, I am always up for a chat. You can even follow my business and personal social media pages as I leave them public in hopes that you will all get to know the real me and enjoy the friendship I offer to all my clients while working with them.

Cheers to a New Year! Hope to meet you all soon! – Nicc